DATE: 9th February 2006

AREA OF BENEFIT: Astley Park in the Borough of Chorley, Lancashire

AIMS: The Friends of Astley Park aim:

  • To protect and maintain the park and its heritage for the residents of Chorley, including visitors to the town and park.
  • Protect and preserve the Park’s wildlife and natural habitat.

In order to achieve the above, it is our intention to work in genuine partnership with Chorley Borough Council.


  • To further the aims and objectives, the organisation will have the following powers:
  • To raise funds, invite and receive contributions to achieve the aims;
  • To acquire, or take on lease, premises for the purpose of the group;
  • To acquire, take on lease, or otherwise legally obtain any equipment and maintain it for use;
  • To employ staff;
  • To hold exhibitions, displays, educational opportunities, conferences and activity days;
  • To publish, promote and distribute materials;
  • To take any lawful steps necessary to achieve the aims and objectives;
  • To do all such other lawful things as shall further the philanthropic objects of the group.


a) Membership will be open to:

  • Any person over the age of 18 interested in furthering the aims and objectives of the organisation (as detailed above) and who have paid the annual subscription fee;
  • Any association (referred to in this constitution as a ‘member organisation’) which is interested in furthering the organisation’s work and has paid an annual subscription fee;

b) Every member shall have a vote;

c) Junior membership shall be open to persons under 18 but such membership carries no voting rights;

d) Each member organisation shall appoint a named individual to represent it and
to vote on it’s behalf at meetings. When the named representative cannot attend a meeting he/she shall nominate a proxy. In addition, if the named representative leaves the member organisation he or she will cease to be the representative of that organisation.

The executive committee may by majority vote and for good reason terminate the membership of any individual or member organisation. Provided that the individual or organisation concerned shall have the right to be heard by the executive committee, accompanied by a friend or advocate, before a final decision is made.

Friends of Astley Park, whilst welcoming as members all who are genuinely concerned with its stated Aims and Objectives, wishes to make it clear that it has identified itself as a non-party-political body and instructs the chair to reinforce that position when necessary.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held not more than 12 months after the preceding AGM. At least two weeks notice of the AGM will be publicly displayed in an adequate and appropriate manner.

The AGM will include the receiving of the Annual Report and independently examined accounts of the group, and the election of Officers and members of the committee.

Special meetings can be called by the committee or by written request of at least five members, stating the purpose, and providing the request is received by the Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the meeting. The business at any such special meeting will be confined to items stated on such written request.

The quorum for all general meetings, including the AGM, should be at least one tenth of the number of members of the Friends of Astley Park or 10 members of the organistaion, whichever is the greater; at the discretion of the chair.

At committee meetings the quorum shall be at the discretion of the chair.

Voting at all general meetings, including the AGM, will be by a simple majority on a show of hands. In the event of a split vote; he chair shall have the casting vote.

Nominations from members of the group for the election of the committee and Officers must be in writing and received by the Secretary at least 28 days before the AGM.


The committee will consist of not less than five and not more than nine voting members of the group, including the honorary officers elected at the AGM, who will carry out the general policy and control affairs of the organisation. The committee will have power to co-opt ex officio members in special circumstances.

The honorary officers of the group will be the Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer and any such officers as the organisation may from time to time decide.

All committee members will retire annually, but be eligible for re-election. They will hold office until the close of the next AGM, following that at which they were elected.


The Treasurer of the group shall keep proper books of account and a bank account will be opened in the name of Friends of Astley Park.

The financial year of the group will run from the beginning of April until the end of March, when the accounts shall be independently examined.

All cheques will be signed by two named signatories, who are unrelated, as agreed by the committee.

Any funds will be used solely to further the aims of the organisation and only the repayment of agreed out-of-pocket expenses incurred by an officer or member appointed to act on behalf of the organisation will be made.


The group can be dissolved or terminated by a vote taken at an extraordinary meeting called for that purpose, subject to prior notification in writing to Members. Any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been paid will be transferred to a voluntary or charitable organisation having similar objects, this being agreed by a members vote.