Saturday 26th June – Work in the Park

Hi All,

Just a reminder that we are now doing WEEKLY Balsam clearance so we will meet up at the Courtyard entrance as usual at 9.30am.

There is probably work to do at the Sensory Garden but as Jan is not available this weekend could anyone wishing to work there please take their own small hand forks and trowels.

We hope to see you there.

Replanting of the Lost Fountain

On Saturday 19th June a small number of our group were busy replanting an area of the Lost Fountain in the north western part of the park.

Some of the original plants had been trampled down on the front edge of the fountain but Chorley Council have kindly supplied us with new plants. Over one hundred shrubs, grasses and perennials were planted at the weekend.

Hopefully they will get established quickly and add to the aura of this lovely peaceful spot in Astley Park.

Many thanks to all involved.

Saturday 19th June – Work in the Park

Hi everyone,

We will be working in the park this coming Saturday, 19th June and there is plenty to be on with.

Saturday’s main project will the the replanting around the ‘Lost Fountain‘ area – volunteers for this have been, Jan, Steve, David, Connie & Carolyne (there could be room for one more). After planting watering will need to be done – probably with water from the river so a few watering cans and people with wellies would be helpful.

There is continuing work – weeding etc to be done at the Sensory Garden bearing in mind the probable Britain in Bloom inspection but as Jan will be at the fountain members wishing to work there will need to take their own hand tools.

People are welcome to litter pick and of course there is the start of the mammoth task of Balsam Bashing/Pulling to be undertaken too.

Meet as usual at the Coach House at 9.30am unless you are working on the Sensory Garden, then go directly there.

We hope to see you there.

Saturday 22nd May – Work in the Park

Hello all,

Although the weather isn’t good today and is forecast for the same tomorrow it is expected that there will be a dry interlude on Saturday 22nd so with this in mind our working day should be able to go ahead.

Jan will be at the Sensory Garden so if anyone wishes to assist there please go there direct otherwise meet up near the coach house as usual – 9.30am start at either venue.

We hope to see you there.

Saturday 24th April – Work in the Park

Hello everyone.

We will be in the park again this coming Saturday, 24th April 2021.

This means working in groups not exceeding 6 people, being socially distanced at all times and preferably masked to adhere to government guidelines.

There is work to be done in the Sensory Garden so anyone wishing to help there should go directly to the garden – 9.30am start.

As well as the usual litter picking we are hoping to get in the river to collect litter and check for any blockages. As we haven’t had much rain lately it should be quite safe to do this but if you are thinking of helping with this task don’t forget your wellingtons – meet at the coach house at 9.30am and we can allocated differnet strteches of the river to people so that we get full coverage.

We hope to see you there.

New dates for your calendar

Due to the success of our first working group of the year, this past Saturday, we have now updated our calendar of important dates moving forward.

This only includes outdoor working groups at the moment.

More dates will be added as COVID-19 restriction are relaxed going into the summer.

CLICK HERE to see the new Saturday working group dates under the ‘2021 Voluntary Work in The Park‘ section of the page.

The new working group is penciled in for the 24th April at 9.30am.

These dates may be amended or added to as circumstances relating to Covid governance change.

At the present time we are not able to advise when indoor meetings such as members’ meetings or Quiz night will be able to be resumed.

Working groups to restart

Hello everyone, we hope you are all well and safe after this particularly long winter made to feel even longer due to the second COVID-19 lockdown.

As government guidelines regarding meeting up outside have been relaxed slightly it is probably time to start our Saturday working parties again for those who are comfortable working under the new guidelines.

This means working in groups not exceeding 6 people, being socially distanced at all times and preferably masked.

There will be work to do in the sensory garden and it makes sense for anyone wishing to work there to meet at the sensory garden at 9.30am. Otherwise meet up near the Coach house also at 9.30am. From there there will be work to do around the Fountain and the usual litter picking.

So it’s this Saturday the 10th April, we look forward to seeing you in a safe and secure first meet of year.

Snowdrops and Winter Sun

Hello all,

Well February is here and even though we are in lockdown Astley Park continues to cycle through the seasons.

Today I took a walk into the park and the snowdrops are out and looking wonderful. They are dotted about sporadically through the woodland walks. It was bitterly cold with flurries of snow in the air but also some lovely sunshine so well worth the effort.

So that’s it for now. As soon as we can put a timetable of activities together moving forward through 2021 we will post it here on the website so please keep checking back.

Stay well and safe and once again, we will hopefully see you soon. 

Take care – Friends of Astley Park

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Merry and safe Christmas

Well, what a year we’ve had! One to forget for most of us I would imagine.

Who would have thought as we chimed in the new year what 2020 had in store for us, and not just us but the whole globe.

So as the year draws to a close the Friends of Astley Park would like to wish our members, our followers and everyone who uses the park a ‘Very Merry Christmas’ and a ‘Happy New Year’.

We will be back working in the park as soon as rules allow in 2021. Keep an eye on the website for dates of up and coming activities and meetings.

Until then, have a fantastic, safe and healthy festive season and we will see you in 2021.

All the best – Friends of Astley Park

P.S. As a footnote I walked around the new Astley Park Trail today and as we approached the Sensory Garden I noticed a tree with just a hint of blossom starting to show. It will be spring before we know it – Take care everyone.

Lockdown 2.0 – All group activities cancelled

Dear all,

As of today, Thursday 5th November, a new national lockdown is in place. Lockdown restrictions mean we are unable to continue with work in the park on a group basis. 

It is still possible to do things such as litter picking, should anyone wish to do so, either with one’s partner or with one other individual with social distancing in place.

This new national lockdown is scheduled to finish on the 2nd December. Our position moving forward will be reviewed when new government announcements are made.

Until then, please stay well and safe and once again, we will see you on the other side.

Take care – Friends of Astley Park

You can follow this blog and keep up to date with things by entering your email address on the ‘Follow this Blog’ section of the Home Page to receive notifications of new posts by email.