Over the last four years FoAP has undertaken an extensive programme of Balsam Bashing.

What is this you ask, well Himalayan Balsam is an invasive plant introduced to Britain in the mid 19th Century by Victorian gardeners. It is the tallest annual plant in the UK, growing to a height of over three metres and very problematic because it crowds out native plants and can take over whole areas of river bank.


The seeds explode from the seed pod and up to 800 per plant are released which can travel for up to seven metres from the plant. If the seeds land in a stream or river they will be taken downstream where they will start a new colony, which is one of the reasons this plant is so difficult to control.

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FoAP has worked closely with local primary schools to hold school Balsam Bashes and our members have held a number of Bashes through the summer months with a helping hand from the park rangers. It really has made a difference.