After two years of lock-downs etc the Friends of Astley Park were pleased to be able to organise  two evening bat walks this summer. Once again they were assisted by Harold, Michael and other members of the Merseyside and West Lancs Bat Group, who came along with their detectors and expertise.

The first walk in July was particularly successful as many bats were detected and seen on a lovely summer evening.

The second one in August took place during the heat-wave and, whilst many bats were detected, not so many were seen.  Perhaps due to the high temperature and long dry period?

This event was very well attended but next year, should the events be repeated, attendance will be limited to no more than two dozen, in order to enhance the experience for everyone.

There are six species of bat that are found in the Park. They are the Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle, Noctule, Daubenton’s, Brown Long Eared and Whiskered. The people who went on the walks particularly enjoyed watching the Daubenton’s skimming over the lake in the semi-darkness.

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